Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Boots! Mini style

I've always adored little boots on babies, but as my own got older, it wasn't their first shoe to gravitate too once they started choosing for themselves. That is until I had Mariam. She loves boots and will wear them with any type of outfit. I think it's adorable! I think they're good for her too because she likes to get messy, though I do try to discourage her from playing outside with them too long. Sometimes I just let her. Depends if I feel like having a fight on my hands. 

There's that fiery spirit we all know and love!....uh most of the time....Like every time except when she's throwing a tantrum.

The tassel boots are from Target which I don't think they carry anymore, and the most recent tan boots--that look like the target ones are from Gymboree bought during their tax free weekend sale. They were $5.98. I kid you not. The sale was that good! I even bought Ava a pair. They are still on sale too but at $9.99. Snag yourself a pair here!

A few more you might love! 

Butterfly pink boot {Here}

Black ankle boots {here}

Brown riding boot {here}

Navy bootie {here}

Star camel boot {here}

Happy shoe shopping!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ten classy books your little one needs.

It's never to early to start reading to your baby and these days there are a ton of adorable hardback books that not only are fun to read to your little one, but make great decor as well. I love to read and enjoy reading to my kids. Reading about some of my favorite icons, cities, and inspirational people makes it that much more fun! A few years back I bought a few classics for my girls such as "Pride & Prejudice" from Baby lit and recently I discovered the "little people big dreams" series.

Here is a round-up of my favorite classy books for little ones! 

All of these books can be find on

Have a great Monday! I don't know about you all but I'm finding myself in survival mode with less than two weeks before school starts. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Out with boring laundry

My main laundry basket has been dying a slow death lately.

Um. Yeah....I don't know how I let it get this bad! 

 So I picked up a new cute and sturdy laundry basket from Target the other day. 

The only problem is--something was missing. 

There that's better. Who says your laundry baskets have to be boring? 

I've been in a major "add trims and tassels to everything" sort of mood. Last year it was polka dots. You don't need any fancy sewing skills to add more spruced up objects in your life. Get yourself a hot glue gun, your embellishments of choice and go to town!

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sweet summer top

Soooo originally this top I made was supposed to be for Mariam, but it came out too big, so now it's Layla's. (ah the beauty of having 4 girls. ) I have a love/hate relationship with sewing clothes. One, I do things the hard way. I don't use patterns for any clothes I do for the girls. I simply eyeball the design I have in mind and go for it. I prefer making accessories because I like quick results. My patience is a work in progress. 

I do a lot of DIY projects and I wish I could more tutorials but it's too hard with the children. When I do things, I have to move quickly and stopping to photograph the whole process and then write the post takes for-ever! I promise I'll still continue to document some tutorials for you guys--I just can't do it for all my projects at this current stage in my life.

I also made a few hand towels for the kitchen. So easy. I bought some terry cloth at my local fabric store. Cut it to the size I wanted, serged the longest sides and then added a trim of my choice on both ends. A great simple way to add your own style to your kitchen or bathroom. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Because you know I'm all about them bows...

Hellooooooo blog readers! Did ya miss me? You guys I've had family back to back over here. The last set of in-laws isn't leaving till another week and a half, so things still aren't normal around here. Couple that with my business and not sleeping great thanks to miss baby Ava still, well....I'm one tired momma. That's the story of my life now.....being tired. 

What can you do though? Just have to keep pushing through and pray this baby sleeps sooner than later. At least I can slap on like 20 pounds of concealor to help hid the bags and wear something cute like this absolutely adorable gingham bow peplum top. I love it! It runs big, but it's super comfy, easy to put on and looks great dressed up or down.

Gingham top {Romwe}

You guys I love it so much I even stayed up late Monday night just to sew a matching bib for Ava so we could twin in Miami. I'm a little crazy like that. 

Cute no?

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Days


I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile even though it's only been a little over a week. My nephew is visiting us from Texas and this past week has been filled with activities practically every day. This Saturday his parents are coming for 3 days to get him, and 3 days after they leave, my sister in law and her husband are flying in from Jordan. July is going to be full of guests. (Ya'll pray for me...). I'm kidding. Sort of. 

Taking care of 5 kids is no easy task let me tell you, but I've managed. It's been fun. Exhausting, but fun. We've made several beach trips and done different activities like adventure parks, bowling, movies, pool time, petting zoo's, horseback rides. Hopefully my nephew will tell his parents he had a great time. By now being trapped in a house full of  crazy girls, minus my husband, his uncle, he's probably itching to go home...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Feminine & Demure

White lace peplum top {Tobi} c/o

I'm completely obsessed with white lace this year. Seriously give me all the lace! I recently celebrated a birthday and wore the most perfect white lace top for dining al fresco at the new Louis Bossi location in downtown Boca Raton. It's been so hot outside!

I'm wearing a size XS and it fits fantastic. The quality is also very good and it's a strong sturdy lace. You can pair it with any pants or shorts and I love how feminine it feels. As a busy mom of four, one who is a baby who still likes to be carried, it's nice to wear a top that I don't need to worry about moving around too much or revealing anything as I bend down multiple times to pick her up.

In contrast, as much as I love white and lace, I also love scallops and every woman needs a great little black dress. Whether you're going to church, or a charity event, this scalloped black shift dress from Tobi is for you. Super comfortable and chic.

Black scalloped dress {Tobi} c/o

Have a great weekend!

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